Economi Summit: Human Capital and Future of Work

Jurusan Akuntansi FEB UB Kirim 12 Mahasiswa ke Dusun Rejoso untuk Dampingi UMKM dalam Melakukan Pembukuan Sederhana
7 September 2019
(Indonesia) Delegasi HMJIE FEB UB dalam agenda Economic Summit 2019 di Universitas Diponegoro
7 September 2019

About the Economic Summit

The development of the world economy in Indonesia has become increasingly competitive, starting from the agriculture, industry and services sectors. Seeing the development of the creative economy industry in Indonesia that is increasingly cutting-edge, of course it takes awareness of each individual. Therefore we as students are aware of the need for compatibility and continuity between this nation that is increasingly developing. The need for knowledge and education for each element of this nation about the advantages and disadvantages of the development of work in the future.

We as Students of Economics and Development Studies to bridge the gap between technological developments and individual ignorance. We students of Economics and Development Studies (IESP) see the urgency to participate in reviewing and helping oversee the policies that will be implemented. In following up on the problems we feel, students of Economics and Development Studies (IESP) throughout Indonesia need a forum for discussion and sharing to be able to unite their minds and share them to the general public.

Therefore, HIMA Diponegoro University Development Economics as part of the six founders of ECONOMICS SUMMIT (ES) initiated the implementation of the fourth year ES (2019) and will bind again the best IESP HIMA in Indonesia to jointly examine matters that are considered important and beneficial to the general public. . In this fourth year the Economic Summit was held at Diponegoro University on September 4 to 7 2019. The theme raised at the Economic Summit Forum was “Human Capital and Future of Work”

The general objective of this activity is to examine the economic problems that are happening and analyze their impact on economic actors, inviting students to study a problem in the form of studies which are important to deal with global economic development from various perspectives, opening up public institution insights towards

The welcoming of the delegation on the first day (4 September 2019) began with a series of “Welcoming Dinner” which was held at the Noormans Hotel. The Welcoming Dinner was packaged quite interestingly with a series of events such as remarks by the chief executive, the chair of HMD IESP FEB UNDIP, as well as the appearance of the dance student activity unit and the introduction of each delegation.

On the second day (September 5, 2019) there was a series of “Networking” which aimed to explain the grand design of each delegation of associations majoring in economics consisting of, Brawijaya University, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bogor Agricultural University, Gajah Mada University, Universitas Indonesia, University Airlangga, Padjadjaran University, and Dipenogoro University, and there were FGD sessions and around the UNDIP campus

On the third day (September 6, 2019), the main series was a conference of delegates with agencies from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Agriculture with the theme “Human Capital and the Future of Works”. In the evening continued with the “Gala Dinner” which was carried out as a breakdown of the atmosphere of each delegation


On the last day (September 7, 2019), the delegates participated in the last series of activities namely “Field Trip” which in this series the delegation went to one of the tourist destinations in the city of Semarang, Lawang Sewu. Recommendations for the 2020 Economics Summit series which will be held at Padjadjaran University as a form of continuation of the relationship between HMJIE FEB UB and other economic majors, the Economics Summit event needs to be recommended again to be followed next year.