29 September 2019
Indikator Photo Exhibition 2019
2 October 2019

The intense lecture schedule and endless student activities require a balanced and strong stamina and endurance and high mentality, with this event already helped to relieve the fatigue and boredom experienced by students, as a form of refreshing and sports as well as mutual share also to strengthen and familiarize students of Economics and compete in a healthy manner in honing talents and suppress a little sense of boredom and boredom in activities, thus creating integrity and balance between academic activities and non-academic activities. As a manifestation of our participation in maintaining solidarity, harmony and familiarity with students in Economics, the Economics Department Student Association will hold an “Economic’s League” event. Economic’s League is a program of the 2019 Economics Department Student Association Department of Economics. The economic’s league is a sports competition which was attended by University of Brawijaya Economics and Business students. The essence of this work program is as a forum to improve and develop the hard skills of students of Economics and to maintain solidarity, harmony and kinship of students majoring in Economics. The targets and scope of the EL 2019 are students of the Department of Economics, Brawijaya University from the 2016-2019 class. This year the 2019 Economic League will take place for 4 days, where the first day will be held on September 14 2019, namely the Opening Ceremony, Futsal Group and Basketball. The second day will be held on September 15, 2019, namely the Badminton competition. The third day will be held on September 22, 2019, namely the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Futsal and basketball competitions. The last day held on September 29, 2019 will be held futsal and basketball finals and the awarding of championship prizes and the closing of the EL 2019. The purpose of this conomic’s League activity is to increase brotherhood and friendship among FEB UB students, especially the Economics Department.