Wisuda Periode X Tahun Akademik 2014/2015
24 July 2015
29 July 2015

Someone who dares to take risks and start something new is the hallmark of an entrepreneur and being an entrepreneur is a mind – the mind needs to be instilled in the minds of every individual in Indonesia “a country can be prosperous if the number of employers of at least 2% of the total population of the country”, (David Mcclelland, U.S. Sociology). It is effected by the existence of the fact that Indonesia businessmen who jumped in the entrepreneurial world in relatively young can be said to be very minimal, i.e. only 1.56% of Indonesia’s total population and the number is much less than other countries in ASEAN. In order that this can be fixed, then the submission regarding the concept of entrepreneurship that can pass the opportunity and created a profitable new businesses should be encouraged. This aims to improve the economy of the nation of Indonesia because of a nation that has a great entrepreneurial group will be easier to get ahead and more resistant to disturbance of the crisis..

One of the efforts to improve the quality of human resources (HR) Indonesia through entrepreneurial training, business plan competition and Bazaar. This activity will sharpen skills and increase the competence of the entrepreneur to create new products and introduce its products in plunging directly into the market. Expected by the existence of various entrepreneurial training and business plan competitions, especially the younger generation of Indonesia society will hold by fierce products import and can win the market competition in the Southeast Asian economic community by becoming an entrepreneur not only has the quality of human resources (HR), but also creative because creativity will bring up ideas, innovative business.

In order to support the improvement of the quality of human resources (HR) through entrepreneurial training, one is through Entrepreneurship clinic and Business Plan Competition (ESBC). Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Competition (ESBC) was a seminar on entrepreneurship, business plan competition and the national scope of the Bazaar which is aimed at young people aged 16-25 years is good for HIGH SCHOOL students, college students and the public.

The objectives to be achieved through the activities of “ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION 2015” it is printing a new entrepreneur and the spreading virus entrepreneurship especially for students. First, by having a business plan competition that was themed “The Real Young Entrepreneur for a Better Indonesia,” sub themes namely creative economics as well as be held bazar for 15 best teams that qualify are invited to present their business ideas and Poor planned, as well as participants in addition to 15 teams. With hope, the youth began to realize the importance of the soul of independence and be able to compete with the implementation of innovations in an era of MEA 2015. Second, be held coaching clinic entrepreneurship set aside for the 15 best teams in law to the unfortunate. And this seminar, will be filled by presenters named h. Abdul RahmanTukiman or better known as Cak man. He is a franchise owner of the Indonesia City of meatballs Cak Man, with established PT. Jaya Town which has 86 branches in various regions of Indonesia. And the last is a field trip to the 15 best teams, for the purpose of entertainment and educational visits to the owner-the owner of the SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES existing in the city of Malang, so that more participants know how to practice the course of business in the real environment.

As for the purposes in particular of :

  1. Making Indonesia society in General and youth in particular are ready to face the MEA.
  2. Increase the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia with creative innovations in all fields.
  3. The means of learning for the youth in Indonesia in the field of entrepreneurship.
  4. Facilitate the youth to introduce its products and plunged directly into the market


  1. Technical Meeting (TM)

Technical Meeting (TM) is the opening event of a series of events ESBC 2015 which contains a description of the themes and activities, regulations and provisions (during the following series of events and presentations), as well as the explanation of aspects of rating and category champion. In addition to this technical meeting will also read speaker for the seminar on entrepreneurship and business plan competition jury. At the technical meeting will be attended by 15 team finalists with a total of 60 participants (assuming 1-4 people).

  1. Business Plan

This business plan is targeted at 150 – 200 teams, i.e. teams from University of Indonesia se. Then selected 15 teams to qualify for selection to present the business plan proposal. Assessment of proposals based on creative, innovative, implementation and quality content, as well as assessed by the jury (Dr. Ahmad HelmyDjawahir, MisbahudinAzzuhri, SE., MM., and Dr. AsfiManzilati, SE., me.) competent in the field of entrepreneurship and the academics civitas understand marketing management and finance

  1. Bazaar

The Bazaar was held by the Committee in the event of the ESBC 2015 is held on the second day. Participants of the Bazaar is the 15 finalists who qualified for selection of business plan and has been presenting its products at the moment of the first day. In addition, the Committee also provides 5 sponsorship or booth to parties who want to participate in this bazaar by opening the registration (open the tenant). And the Committee also provides a spot photo booth for visitors who want to perpetuate the moment bazaar at the ESBC 2015. As for the purpose of implementation as well as bazar, to sharpen participants ‘ entrepreneurial souls in marketing its products.

  1. Coahching Clinic of Enterepreneurship

Coaching Clinic entrepreneurship event is held on the last day. In this event the speaker fill is an entrepreneur who can motivate the Committee assessed the business plan competition finalists in order not only as an idea, namely h. Abdul RahmanTukiman or better known as Cak man. He is a franchise owner of the Indonesia City of meatballs Cak Man, with established PT. Jaya Town which has 86 branches in various regions of Indonesia. Coahcing Clinic is intended specifically for the 15 best teams qualify for the selection of business plan competition. Will also be opened to the public with a limited quota.

  1. Fieldtrip

Fieldtrip is an activity that is implemented after a Coaching Clinic. This field trip in the finalists are invited to get to know the city of Malang. As for the intended places i.e. Museum Brawijaya, Malang, Jami ‘ mosque in Alun-AlunMerdeka Malang, and Hub Chips Tempe Sanan. Places that became the goal of the Committee is based on consideration of the field trip will value the history and characteristics of Malang. In addition the Committee also chose the places that not only as a means of recreation, but also as a means of education (entrepreneurship).


  1. Technical Meeting (TM) dan Business Plan
  • Day dan Date              : Tuesday, October 27 2015
  • Venue                          : Aula Gedung A3 FEB UB
  1. Bazaar
  • Day and Date              : Wednesday, October 27 2015
  • Venue                          : Basement FEB UB
  1. Coaching Clinic Entrepreneurship dan Fieldtrip

Day and Date              : Thursday, October 29 2015

Venue                          :

  • Aula Gedung A3 FEB UB
  • – Museum Brawijaya
  • – Sentra Keripik Tempe Sanan
  • – Masjid Jami’ dan Alun-Alun Merdeka  Malang