FEB Goes To Pimnas

16 April 2018
HMJM realize the members of 2018 who uphold integrity through Organizational Training
16 April 2018

FEB Goes To Pimnas is a series of events where to facilitate students of Faculty of Economics and Business in developing creativity in entrepreneurship, community service, research, technology and written ideas as well as scientific ideas.

This event has four series, the first series was held on Saturday, April 14, 2018, followed by participants Dikti Dikti who pass the selection of funding by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education. There are three teams that qualify in the funding stage, including from the PKM K team headed by Zaneta Azzahra Izdihar under the title “Rollab.com: Bioskop Alternatif untuk Reformasi Industri Film Malang “, from PKM T team headed by Yamamo Satrio under the title ” MANG.ID, Aplikasi Pemasaran Produk UMKM Berbasis Android “and from PKM M team headed by Rina Ervina under the title” “Metamorphose Home: Difabel Movement Program Guna Meningkatkan Kesejahteraan dan Penerapan Distribusi Tenaga Kerja Difabel di Kota Malang”. In the first series, workshop to the team who pass the funding on how to allocate the funds properly and correctly and targeting activities to be effective and efficient.

The second series was held on Saturday, May 19, 2018, followed by participants Dikti PKM who pass the selection of funding. In the second series, the event was a presentation and monitoring and evaluation of PKM conducted by the participants. How far PKM participants have conducted their PKM activities in allocating funds, whether there are obstacles in carrying out such activities, and how PKM participants overcome these obstacles will be presented in front of the mentors and then evaluated by the mentors to PKM participants.

The third series of FEB Goes To Pimnas events take place on Sunday, September 30, 2018 with new student participants. In this series, Sharing Motivation activities provided by PIMNAS 2018 winners to new students on PIMNAS and profits follow PIMNAS. The purpose of this series is to foster the interest of new students in writing PKM and is expected to be a participant of PKM in 2019.

The fourth series is the last series of FEB Goes To Pimnas to be held on Saturday, November 10, 2018 with Sharing hearing event and PKM consultation with speakers. Participants in the fourth series of FEB students who are following the PKM and still in the preparation of the proposal. In Sharing hearing activities PKM participants consult their proposals and the extent to which participants are writing proposals.