15 May 2018
15 May 2018

In this modern era, communication is one of the mpst important elements in life. Communication certainly not only done by those who live in the same region or country, but also done by those people who live in different countries. English is one of the international language that used to communicate for thos people who are from different countries. Therefore, the ability in English is very necessary for the process of communication especially for those people who wants to coomunicate to the people from the other countries.

Every year, ICOSH FEB organized daily practice called Intensive English Skill Training (IEST). Intensive English Skill Training (IEST) itself is an event to improve the english language skills for all bachelor students of Faculty Economy and Business especially in the debate, news casting, speech, writing, storytelling and basic english.

The purpose of the Intensive ENglish Skill Training (IEST) this year is to explore and enhance the potential of the non-academic student in the english language, especially writing, public speaking, and english debate also prepare the race events in the english language to come.

This event can be followed by all bachelor students of Faculty Economy and Business, and this event conducted in April until December 2018 at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya. Intensive English Skill Training (IEST) theme this year is ” For The Better Future”. Hopefully after attending this event, all bachelor students of Faculty Economy and Business can develop their interests and talents and potential in the english language.

In this event, Intensive English Skill Training (IEST), all bachelor students of Faculty Economy and Business would be assembled in accordance with their interests, talents and potential that they already have. Then ICOSH FEB will provide mentors to assist students in accordance with the desired requirements and preparing for competitions who wish to be attended by students. This event will be held at 2nd floor of UKM building.