Journey Of Magazine and Tabloid Indikator2019

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8 August 2019
Journey Of Magazine and Tabloid Indikator2019
10 August 2019

The long journey of the Magazine and Tabloid 2019 has ended, has been carried out in the span of 10 March to 10 August 2019. During the six month trip is not easy, our Student Press Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business Indikator of the University of Brawijaya (LPM Indikator FEB UB) walked the long journey full of steep and winding roads. The editorial management process is very strict and must be obeyed making us very careful in walking. The implementation of this activity in FEB UB involves all elements, both people who are capable as resource persons and licensing various places in order to obtain data.

Of course, by doing our responsibilities in the case of Magazines and Tabloids, it is very in line with our role and function as a student press and alternative media. And this is where LPM Indikator contribute. In fact, all members are required to spend their maximum thoughts, energy and energy for the quality of this Magazine and Tabloid. The theme of this activity is people’s economy, where the economy opens wide opportunities for the community to actively contribute to the economy.

The details of our resource persons include students, practitioners, the general public, academics, agencies and others, both from within the university and to the Head of the National Unity and Politics Agency in Bandung. Overall there are indeed several evaluations, such as in extracting old ideas and being very far from the timeline that was set at the beginning of the activity. This is because there are obstacles in finding and completing the required data. Given the geographical location of some distant sources, because our product scope is national. So the work on the Magazine and Tabloid did not run optimally.

Finally, LPM Indikator would like to thank the parties who have helped and contributed both mind and physically to achieve our targets, namely the absorption of the LPM Indikator Magazine and Tabloid. Hopefully the future will be even better.