KATALOG (Kajian Tematik dan Dialog)

27 March 2019
27 March 2019

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing countries. This is supported by a variety of Indonesia which is supported in economic, social, cultural, legal, etc. But now, the Indonesian people are experiencing a moral crisis. Indonesia is known as a friendly and tolerant country from a different background from one individual to another. Unfortunately, current community conditions do not reflect this. We often encounter various problems of division between groups and groups of trivial problems, such as not being able to argue differences and easily provoked by problems that are still unclear. This split is not only detrimental to the second party involved in the conflict. The impact is so extensive that even third parties who are not involved can feel the loss.

Therefore, we as the Student Executive Board, through the Department of Strategic Studies and Action, open the eyes and minds of college students to be more concerned and try to invite college students to be able to think scientifically in finding solutions to problems that are discussed through our work program making Catalogs (Thematic Studies and Dialogue) with the theme “Kawal Problems with the People”.

This work program consists of 3 activities namely Corner Publishing is done every 3 weeks, Catalog is done 5 times, on March 27, 2019 (CATALOG I), April 24; 2019 (CATALOG II), August 29, 2019 (CATALOG III), September 26, 2019 (CATALOG IV), October 30, 2019 (CATALOG V) and the last is the Bulletin conducted every 1 month. Participants in this work program represent all LO / LSOs, all FEB college students and representatives from BEM FEB UB

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Fatima Alyani Hermawan / Economics 2017 / 175020107111007 / 081392384050


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