Keeping Up With The Alumni 2019: “Build The Bridge and Discover The Future Differences With The Alumni”

DEBATE COMPETITION (KOMBAT) 2019: ” The Role of Millennials in Managing Indonesia’s Sustainable Development in 2030″
26 August 2019
Welcoming Management Family: “The blossoming bond with kinship, the peacing soul with nature”
26 August 2019

Humans are social beings who have the urge to be able to interact or relate to others in several aspects such as physical, psychological, economic, social, and other human relations.  Especially in the level of lectures, each individual naturally gets guidance from the people who have already tasted the deep wells of this science, namely alumni.

Likewise, the S1 Management Department students of FEB UB have some of needs in the non-academic field.  One of them is in the social field.  The increasing need for students in the social field demands fulfillment of facilities that support meeting hospitality and talk with Alumni for a more directed future.

Therefore the Management Department Student Association of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya held a Keeping Up With The Alumni 2019 activity with the theme “Build The Bridge and Discover Future Future With The Alumni” in the hope of providing knowledge and insights from alumni to active students to prepare for the future and strengthen fellow student fraternity  and alumni of Management Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya

Keeping Up With The Alumni will be held ‪on August 31, 2019 at the Main Building Hall and will be attended by HMJM FEB UB functionaries and FEB UB Management functionaries.  This events will be enlivened with galadinner, talkshow by some of alumni, and interesting games that can be followed by alumni, students and lecturers of Management FEB UB.