FEB UB Students Hold Workshop on Student Achievement Improvement in PKM Event

STUDENT CONFERENCE 2018 “Strategi Pembangunan Tenaga Kerja dan UMKM di Kota Malang dalam Menghadapi Era Distruptive Revolusi Industri 4.0: Tinjauan Multiprespektif keilmuan”
13 May 2018
Pengumuman Semester Antara
14 May 2018

Malang – Friday (11/5), the workshop of FEB UB student achievement has been held in the event of Student Creativity Program (PKM) in F Building 7th floor of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. Unmitigated, this event presents 3 outstanding presenters, who are very qualified in the field of PKM, namely Darjito, S.Si., M.Si (Vice Dean 3 FMIPA UB), Yusuf Hendrawan, STP. M.App.Life. Sc. Ph.D (Vice Dean 3 FTP UB), and Dr.Ir. Anik Martinah Hariarti, M.Sc (PIMNAS Juror).

As we know that Universitas Brawijaya is a champion warehouse, especially in PIMNAS event. So simultaneously in all faculty held a similar event with the aim to improve the achievement of UB at the national level in general, and FEB UB in particular. “This activity aims to improve the achievement of UB at the national level” Prof. said. Dr. Ir. Arief Prayitno as Vice Rector of 3 Universitas Brawijaya in his speech.

Darjito, S.Si., M.Si suggested that FEB UB focuses on PKM in entrepreneurship, considering that FEB already has its own entrepreneurship laboratory and is a faculty with the highest number of PMW proposals, so the potential that needs to be maximized is PKM K. In addition, FEB can also try in PKM T, PKM M and PKM PSH, of course by collaborating across faculties.

Yusuf Hendrawan, STP. M.App.Life. Sc. Ph.D also convey the same thing, namely FEB UB has great potential in the field of Entrepreneurship PKM. He also advised students to get used to making bank proposals. “Familiarize yourself to make a bank proposal, so that every competition there, your proposal can be included” he said.

Another thing with that delivered Dr.Ir. Anik Martinah Hariarti, M.Sc. “The proposal that comes in the most mistake is on biodata signature scan” he said. He urged the students to be more careful and conscientious in the administration of PKM, and always pay attention to the little things. Because the idea of the student was so great that it could be so great, but only because of the disobedience of the administration, ultimately failed.

The hope after this event ended, FEB UB students are increasingly interested to follow PKM, and the number of funded PKM is increasing, and many are translucent to PIMNAS from FEB UB.