LPJ Invention, Innovation, and Design Exposition (IIDEX 2019)

Accounting Championship 2019
14 September 2019
Pengembangan dan Pembinaan SDM
15 September 2019

The Invention, Innovation, and Design Exposition Competition or what is called IIDEX 2019 is one of a series of activities held by Universiti Teknologi Mata, Selangor, Malaysia. This activity takes place from 10 September to 15 September 2019, this event is held every year and takes place in the Hall of the Great Council of Tuanku Conselor, Mara University of Technology. On September 10 the opening and pitching competition (business plan) was held. Our group participated in a two-day pitching competition with 36 contingents from different regions. While the pitching competition took place in the main hall an innovation exhibition was held which was attended by approximately 700 groups and each group got a booth to showcase their innovations or inventions, the concept of this exhibition was held in turns every day, and our group got a schedule on the 3rd day to be exact September 13 and the judging process took place during the day, Alhamdulillah the jury’s response was good and gave advice and input well. It is an appreciation that our group is one of the international participants so that during the exhibition many other participants were enthusiastic about our exhibition. On the 4th day of September 14 the UiTM festival was held, which included an exhibition of UiTM student exhibitions. And the last day of September 15 was the closing of the event as well as the announcement of the 2019 IIDEX award. Thank God our group managed to get a Bronze Medal award with Beauty Bliss products.