Management Edutainment 2017: “Self Enforcing And Enriching Live by Social Entreprenurship”

Langkah Strategis di Penghujung Tahun
21 November 2017
Catch The Flag 2017
21 November 2017

Management Edutainment is a group debate competition using the Asian Parliementary system held by Student Association of Management Department Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. This competition is a nationwide student debate competition with participants from undergraduate university students in Indonesia who are interested in topics or issues related to economics. In addition to debate activities, this year the Management Edutainment committee also held a seminar on “Sociopreneurship”. Next to entertainment activities this year there is a series of Gala Dinner and City Sightseeing are offered for participants debate so that the enthusiasm of participants to the activities are still awake in undergoing a series of activities.

Management Edutainment activities are held in three days, on 3-5 november 2017. On the first day, 3 november 2017 there are 2 series of activities, namely technical meeting and gala dinner.. This technical meeting was held at Hotel Ubud, Jalan Sigura-gura, Malang, which was an activity to explain the technical debates to be conducted the next day. This technical meeting was chaired by the Edutainmemt Management debate leader Leiditya Naristi. The gala dinner begins with the opening of the Management Edutainment at the same time by a representative of the Management Department.

On the second day, 4 november 2017. Management Edutainment has a series of preliminary round debates. This preliminary round was held in Building Hall D FEB UB and 12 classrooms in D and E buildings, Faculty of Economics and Business. This preliminary round debate consists of three rounds. The event closed with the announcement of the top 8 teams and 10 best speakers candidates. Debate team that passed the big 8 that is Universitas Brawijaya team A, B, C, and E, Malang State Polytechnic, Airlangga C University, Bogor Agricultural Institute A, and Petra Christian University.

On the third day, 5 November 2017, Management Edutainment has three series of city sightseeing, seminars, and 8 major debate competitions. City sightseeing is a joy to see the beauty of Malang City by using the city bus, where the activity is carried out by a team of participants who did not qualify to follow the round of 8 large. While for the participants who escaped the big 8, made a big round in the hall D building. Participants arriving from city sightseeing continued their activities to attend seminars in F floor hall of 7th floor of Faculty of Economics and Business. This seminar has two speakers, Mrs. Endahing Noor Suryanti as the owner of Yayasan Pelangi Nusantara and Ir. H. Mochamad Anton (Mayor of Malang). The seminar was closed and continued with the final debate. The final debate takes place in the F building hall. Management Eduitainment event closed with the announcement of the winner. Edutainment 2017 Management debate competition was won by Universitas Brawijaya A team as the 1st winner, Universitas Brawijaya C as 2nd winner, Universitas Brawijaya B as the 3rd winner and State Polytechnic of Malang as the 4th winner. To know more about this series of activities can contact Fergie Fortuna Shabilla (082257457447) and El Eden Marthinus (089633066303).