Management League 2019 “ Mes que un departemento, pero una familia”

Training CIES
28 April 2019
Do It Yourself (DIY) 2019: “Sushi Class”
28 April 2019
  1. First Day

The 2019 Management League activities are held for 2 days. On the first day, April 26 2019, the Fifa competition was held at the Amuza PS, from 18:00 to 21:00. the competition was attended by 32 participants from various batches in the Department of Management. The competition went well and according to the activity rundown, the obstacle faced was the limitation of the number of committees allowed to enter the venue so that most of the committees stayed outside the venue. The winners of the Fifa race were won by Ihsan Adri Makarim (2018, first place) and Risyad Rizki Muhammad (2018, second and third place winners).

  1. Second Day

The second day of the Management League took place on April 27, 2019 which consisted of a basketball competition at the Araya basketball court and a futsal at the Nikimirah field. The two competition went according to the rundown and there were no weather constraints for the basketball that its venue outside the room. The basketball competition was attended by 4 teams with the first place won by the Arek 17 team and second place by the Mama Champion team.

The futsal competition was attended by 5 teams with the classification system and won by the Case Fair (2016) team as the first winner, the SAR Team (2017) as the second winner, and the SAP Team (2015) as the third winner. The closing and distribution of prizes was held at Nikimirah Futsal with the winner / representative of each team  attending