MBAE 2019

Circulation and Launching Of Indikator’s Magazine and Tabloid
20 November 2019
20 November 2019


Students as individuals residing in the campus environment is in dire need of information on campus in order to perform the duties and rights as a student. Not receive little of the students in the end only be a spectator at the campus, such as have no existence at all campus activities. As the scientific community, students are in demand generate ideas, and caring with each other. It must be realized that the success of the students do not only come from the individual alone but co-supported by favorable circumstances and ability of the students pay attention to the social and working together.

Every months in a year, many activities conducted by EGO. Each activity rose always gives the findings and a new development for EGO. Neither experience is felt by every member of the EGO for one period this raises a brotherly bond yang limping. Therefore, the holding activities Great Council Members Ego (MBAE) as a venue for a one-year evaluation work program and as a means of sharing EGO to knit the next period. Because the Ego is an institution that is engaged in the arts so that we as a driving force in these fields should have a sense of family in order to increase motivation in the process, and run the theater arts with all its sequences. Hopefully MBAE activity is a forum to further enhance the sense of family, and the motivation of members of ego to welcome the work period next year.


The Purpose

  • Reported results findings of work activities during the management period 2018/2019’
  • Knowing the findings Yang has achieved hearts every EGO activities during one period of stewardship
  • As part of implementation of routine activities in end of the management period
  • Creating new management in the next period.

Form of activity


Implementation of activities
Day / Date       : Friday – Sunday, 29,30 November – 1 December 2019
Time                : 08.30 until end

Place                : Class D 2.7 Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University