MBAE (Musyawarah besar anggota EGO) Economist Goes to Opera

Accounting Meeting (AM) 2015
1 December 2015
1 December 2015

Student as an individual who enters a campus environment desperately need a campus life information so that he can carry out their obligations and receive their rights as students are true and correct.

Not a few of the students who eventually only be a spectator in the world of college so as if they had no existence at all campus activities. But as the scientific community, students are in demand generate ideas, and interact with each other. Students need to realize that success does not come from the individual alone but helped also supported by the surroundings or a conducive environment and the ability of the students to socialize and cooperate in it.

From month to month, year to year, many activities had been carried out by EGO. Each activity always deliver results and bring new developments for EGO. Many also perceived experiences enumerated by individuals EGO from year to year. It all raises some special memories for members of EGO in one bond of brotherhood. Therefore, by holding this MBAE activities, will be of great benefit in running an organization that is engaged in the arts for years berkutnya. Because members of EGO have the same perception, namely family and togetherness, the more it will increase the motivation of each member.

Hopefully, through this MBAE activities will further enhance the creativity of the members of EGO to step up and develop their creativity and heightens the level of togetherness.


MBAE (Great Council Members EGO).


Time: Saturday-Sunday 26-27 December 2015

Venue: Hall A3, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya