Music Roots 2018

6 December 2018
FEB UB Terima Kunjungan dari SMAN 3 Depok
10 December 2018

Music Roots 2018 was succesfully held by Homeband Faculty of Economics and Bussiness Brawijaya University and all of our members gathered around to celebrate our fourth album launcing. This event was taken place at Anang Karaoke Malang on December 8th 2018. Introducing and performing our album was the purpose of this event, also we produced those songs our own.

The main goal of this event for our mebers is to create one song for each band which is an original idea of them and take them to recording room. This year, it was about 11 bands has made their way to release their own songs. During the launching time, not only our members who attended for the bands’ performances but also from other faculty in Brawijaya Univerisity.

The open gate started from 4.30PM and continued to band performances until 9PM. Every single band singing their own song which folowed by the cheers from the audiences. Every song shows their creativity and ther uniqueness. A song has its power to speak itself and moved the hearts