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Teknologi, Ketimpangan, dan Kemiskinan
13 December 2017
Perayaan Natal Keluarga Mahasiswa Katolik
19 December 2017

The EGO Member’s Consultative Assembly is a Deliberation conducted once a year at the end of an EGO Teachership. In the period 2016/2017 the MBAE is held on 15-17 December 2017 located in Building D room 2.7. The 2-day deliberation was attended by all permanent EGO Members and EGO Extraordinary Members.

As in previous years, concerted deliberations reached consensus on the Teater EGOStatutes and Household Rules as a form of understanding of Teater EGOmembers on the structure and identity of the institution. Deliberation led by 3 presidium of class of 2017. After discussion of AD and ART, this MBAE deliberation continued with nomination of chairman of Teater EGOperiod 2017/2018. Candidates selected by voting by all permanent members of this EGO produce 3 names. after which the prospective candidates are questioned readiness and vision-mission cabinet one period ahead. After that the Forum Deliberation will discuss and select one name of the general chairman of EGO Theater.

The agenda of the MBAE is a place of friendship between the Permanent Members of the EGO Theater and the extraordinary member of EGO which is the Alumnus Teater EGO FEB UB. As a medium for exchanging ideas, ideas and inputs for a period of stewardship. This agenda is very valuable for the smoothness of the management of EGO Theater next year. The productivity provides new and good for the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya and the general public which is the goal of the management of EGO Theater this year.

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