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17 October 2017
19 October 2017

Students who are intellectuals who have the responsibility to be reliable become the genersi successor quality. Therefore, the students not only learn academics only but must be followed by activities that develop reasoning, thinking, interests, and talents. In the university level, such an institution is called the Autonomous Institution (LO). By following the LO activities, students are expected to be more sensitive to the social problems that occur and be able to develop their reasoning, thoughts, interests and talents that will be expected to be applied to the welfare of the students’ own lives and especially the wider community for the progress of this country.

The Student Press Agency (LPM) Indicator, an LO engaged in journalism within the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB), not only refers to the professionalism of work as a journalist, but also the sensitivity to social problems that occur around the FEB UB . In order to maintain balance and harmony that occurs in the stewardship Indicator, required a forum that can discuss any problems that have and will arise in the management Indicator in one period.

Thus the Indicator requires a clear rule to regulate the working procedure and all activities of the Member of the next period indicator. The change of management (board reform) and performance evaluation are considered absolute to be done in an organization, especially Indicator. This administrative reform is called the Annual Member Meeting of Indicators (MATI). This is done so that the performance of indicators of the period 2018-2019 can be better than the previous period. This year’s MAT is scheduled to be held on Friday-Saturday 29-31 December 2017 at FEB UB, with the theme “PINK MOVEMENT OF INDICATORS”.

The activity of MATI XXXII 2017 we organized to run the work program that suda prepared. In addition, the hope after the implementation of this activity is, the new regeneration is qualified. The purpose of course for the performance of LPM Indicators can be better with the addition of fresh new human resources and the spirit to make changes.