Perspektif Manajemen 2019: “Business Strategy and Innovation in the Era of Technological Development” and “Get Ready To be Millenial Investor”
26 November 2019
A newsworthy event The work program of Ebbrau “ Routine Training 2”
26 November 2019

Camp Regeneration Board organized by the Malachi PMK will be held on 20-21 December 2019. The Camp Regneration event was prepared by all the old boards with the small team of Malachi PMK from afar. The event will start from 11 am where all the old boards along with the candidates are gathered in the gazebo as the first meeting point. Then at 12 o’clock all the participants have departed to the location that is located at Villa Vivi, Batu City. Around 13 noon, all participants have arrived at the location and then directly eat lunch together.

Regeneration Camp aims to be a container for evaluation of the previous stewardship in order not to occur the same error in the upcoming stewardship and to foster candidates for the board to be ready to serve in the service of students and preparing the stewardship program that will come. The selected board is the result of the selection of a small team of Maleakhi PMK 2019. So that the chosen names are those who are believed to be ready to perform student services on FEB-UB campus.

The Regeneration Camp is attended by FEB-UB Christian students who are the board of 30 people. The Theme of the Regeneration Camp is “Served to Serve”. The form of the Regeneration Camp will be briefing and delivering the material by the speakers with the related word of how to become the managers of PMK Maleakhi responsible and make this stewardship as a student service. The Regeneration Camp activity will have an evaluation of previous stewardship performance and the preparation of a new work program for new Management to run for the next year.

The target of Camp Regeneration activity is to form and produce the board to have the right motivation in serving God. It is expected that with this event what is the target of the activity can be achieved and the good cooperation by the old board and the new management. God bless.