Religious and courtesy in the Saman Dance Competition
6 April 2019
6 April 2019

Praise the presence of Allah SWT, Rabb of the universe, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Only He has the right to be worshiped and only to Him is we entitled to beg for help. May we always be on the right path, the way those who have been given mercy, not the way they are wrathed. Prayers and greetings will always be poured out on humans and our best motivator, Rasulullah SAW, along with their families, friends and people who always follow the teachings of Illah the universe until the day of vengeance.

Strengthening and forming soft skills is important for an activist and student, where in managing an organization he needs the ability to lead, organize, and manage, both for himself and his organization. Therefore, a container is needed to become a media or means to develop potential cadres in an organization and sharpen its ability to organize. Therefore, various forms of training, deepening religious knowledge, and also self-development must always be carried out continuously.

From the explanation above, the formation of the “ Sekolah Kaderisasi “ is a forum for developing and learning various kinds of soft skills, especially for cadres of Forstilling preaching institutions. “ Sekolah Kaderisasi “ is one of the work programs of the Guidance and Cadreation department and in the form of guidance on soft skills through a study by the speaker then a discussion and question and answer session and simulation training where participants are given the task of directly practicing the material obtained during the previous study.

“ Sekolah Kaderisasi “ is held at least four times in one period, namely on April 6, April 27, October 5, and October 13, 2019 and the implementation takes place at the Hall of Building D, 3rd floor. The theme of the Cadre School is “Creating a 3P Forstilling Cadre ( Administrators, Substitutes, and Reformers) People Towards Civil Life “. The event arrangement of this activity begins with the registration of the participants then the opening and remarks – the remarks then continued with the presentation of material by the speaker and finally the discussion and question and answer session.

The hopes and targets of  “ Sekolah Kaderisasi ”  work program are to increase the potential of participants as outstanding Muslim students, intelligently intellectual and spiritual, honed and developed managerial potential and the ability to foster the participants and in the future da’wah delivered by participants can be easily accepted by community because the delivery of da’wah is good and easy to understand through the formation of this “ Sekolah Kaderisasi “.