15 May 2018
15 May 2018

On this occasion, ICOSH FEB UB organizes an annual event that Organization Training (OT). Organization Training (OT) itself is an event to increase organizational capacity, improved its sense of family, both among staff and alumnae, as well as an event that can enhance the existence of ICOSH FEB UB.

The purpose of Organization Training (OT) this year is to increase the sense of belonging to one another. The hope is that after the event Organization Training (OT), member of ICOSH FEB UB will be more sensitive to fellow members and alumnae, introducing ICOSH FEB UB to the new staff, as well as developed staff talent in the English language, especially in public speaking and debate.

The event was attended by all members who are still active along ICOSH FEB UB and alumnae of ICOSH FEB UB, which was held on April 21, 2018 and October 06, 2018 and held at the Campgrounds Bedengan, Kabupaten Malang. The theme of Organization Training (OT) this time is “Beyond for Greatness” in which the event is held, all members of ICOSH FEB UB can grow and exceed the limit so that it can become a better student in terms of organization as well as in academic terms.

The first event in Organization Training (OT) there are briefing materials on ICOSH FEB UB widely by alumnae, Maula Fadhilata Rahmatika (President of ICOSH 2017) and Arina Rahmawati (President of  ICOSH 2018), which aims not only sharing knowledge about ICOSH FEB UB more deeper, but also sharing knowledge after being off campus later, and also there are games in which these games are games to test knowledge especially about ICOSH FEB UB further. In this event, the committee itself comes from the alumnae, while ICOSH FEB UB members as participants. In the process, subdivided into small groups where each group had received the task of the committee. These tasks are not far from the knowledge of ICOSH FEB UB but also combined with artistic ability of each group. The task, of course aims to glue and increase familiarity and cohesiveness among members.