Organization Training with Family Concept

Homeband’s Organization Training (OT) in Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya
9 April 2018
Bersiap Leisure Economy
9 April 2018

Organization Training (OT) Economic and Business Dance Club (EDC) Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya is an activity that aims to improve the skills and knowledge and skills of Economic and Business Dance Club (EDC) management board in 2018 in running the organization. With the expectation of the board in 2018 along with the members can contribute in accordance with the new rules of achieving the goals of the organization better, organized and achieve higher achievements in the future for EDC and Brawijaya University.

            Organization Training held by EDC was held on 24-25 March 2018. This activity was attended by 60 active members of EDC FEB UB, and started on Saturday 24 March 2018 starting at 12.00 WIB at Villa Sahabat which is located at Abdul Gani Atas Street No. 51, Batu. This event themed family.

            The event initially began with a welcome speech by the chief executive of Zani Menggala as the opening, and then continued with the material presentation by the EDC leader and the trainers who are alumni of the EDC management consisting of the 2014 and 2013, the trainer has a goal to explain the history of EDC and teach about leadership and communication within an organization, whereas EDC leader explains AD/ART EDC  for all EDC members in 2018 to know the new rules and regulations and can contribute more organized and established relationships which is more solid so it can realize the implementation of the EDC work program for 1 year of future stewardship period.

            This event divided into several groups to present a performance which should feature a creative choreography and a flashmob conceptualized by family. From the special showcase performance held in Organization Training activities, participants gain new knowledge and creativity in making their own dance and choreography which is expected to be utilized for additional EDC choreography as a contribution form in 2018.

            In the next session there are several outbound designed to improve teamwork and leadership such as team-trial games, jump rope together, etc. The purpose of this outbound is to realize the value of team building and leadership, social responsibility, team work, responsibility and divine values. And at the end of the event participants who have earned the most points from the entire game are given an attractive reward from the committee.

            The impression of this activity gained by members and administrators is the teamwork and leadership training of the material presented by the trainer and some outbound games, more knowing about each other and knowing more about the EDC organization. In the future it is expected that EDC members can contribute to the competition and better stewardship in 2018.

Contact Person

  1. Candra Mahardika (089687907780)
  2. M. Rafshandzani M P (082132533350)
  3. Rr. Chandra S M (085233221139)