Tantangan Periode II Jokowi
21 October 2019
22 October 2019

Writing Paper Conference or PWC 2019 Sriwijaya University is a scientific competition organized by the Student Association of Accounting Faculty of Economics, University of Sriwijaya. The competition consists of three events, namely the Scientific Writing Contest (ICI) National, Olympic Accounting, and Short Movie Competition to be held on October 19, 2019 – October 22, 2019. This event is held in order to develop the creativity of the youth of Indonesia which is the generation millennial Berdikari in order to Indonesia, with the theme“Utillizing The Business and Accounting Skills Through Techonological Development”.

Generasi milenial merupakan generasi yang diisi oleh para pemuda/i yang tidak lepas dari teknologi dan budaya baru. Generasi ini sangat tinggi penggunaan teknologi dan jaringan internet, bisa dikatakan generasi ini tidak dapat hidup tanpa adanya teknologi dan jaringan internet. Maka dari itu, generasi inilah yng mampu dikemudian hari memberikan dampak yang sangat besar bagi bangsa Indonesia menuju ke perubahan yang lebih baik sebagai generasi penerus bangsa.

Indonesia Self-reliance is a big dream for Indonesia is superior, advanced, able to compete with other nations and mature enough to cope with a variety of issues existing problems within the nation itself. To realize the dream of becoming Indonesia gold in 2045 not only in the strength of the economic, political, military atu but unbelievably dependent on men. The millennial generation is what will give effect to Indonesia in the future with the fruit of innovative and creative thinking to develop Indonesia in the future. Innovation and creativity of the children of the nation in the work will

helping Indonesia become a country that can compete in the outside world, with a strong competitive character and quality in the field of science. This agenda can open the thinking of the millennial generation in the work especially in the field of science in achieving self-reliance Indonesia.


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