Social Problem Solving at a Glance Profit Through Management Entrepreneur Days 2018

Inauguration and Delivery of CSR Executive Lounge By Dutagaruda
4 May 2018
Management Entrepreneur Day 2018: Digging Student Sociopreneur’s Soul
6 May 2018

Management Entrepreneur Days (MED) is an annual event organized by the Department of Management Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. MED is a business idea competition as well as a forum for application of management theory and management science majoring in Management that is integrated with the subject of Entrepreneurship Laboraturiom. MED every year always bring different new themes and generate fresh business ideas from students majoring in FEB UB Management which is then exhibited in stands established and will be judged by the juries who are competent in their field. Competition that diperlombakan among others, Stand favorite, Best business ideas, and the best video business profile.

After last year’s theme Technopreneur, MED 2018 this time Sociopreneurship theme, with the tagline “Sociopreneurship: Give Your Kindness, Get Your Hope”. Sociopreneurship is a business that not only produces profit but also provides social for the surrounding. It is expected that through this MED 2018, students majoring in Management able to build a business that not only generate profits for the company, but also able to solve social problems and improve the level of economy in the surrounding environment. MED 2018 held for two consecutive days, ie from 2 to 3 May 2018, in the parking lot Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya.

Approximately 56 sociopreneur booths presented at MED 2018, One of them stand Hidring: Hidroponik Sharing. Ismelia Novitasari as the chairman of Hidring explained that Hidring is a business that aims to provide education to the people of Malang city, especially urban farming that vegetables with hydroponic system is healthier, and can also be done anywhere and with modest equipment. When asked about the event MED 2018, Ismel said “It’s so exciting, we get a complete package, food, sharing knowledge, creative try and increase social sensitivity. From MED learning to healthy living is not expensive, just with patience, from MED I also learn social sensitivity to pay attention to all my friends in socializing with buyers, how they offer merchandise, and new ideas are raised. “Then he added, The theme it’s good, because it requires more of us as an agent of change more active to the community, so more how to empower the community and at least help provide some solutions to their problems. ”

Furthermore, there are booth Pondok Aksara who also participated in the MED 2018. Achmad Syamsul Maarif (Management 2015) as chairman of Pondok Aksara explained that Pondok Aksara is a business that departs from the educational problems in Malang, where many children are still not able to get education. Not only that, Pondok Aksara is also born from the problem of plastic waste that is still difficult to paste, “Pondok Aksara is a kind of home study for children who are at elementary school level, and payment system using plastic waste. Not only the children, but parents also we give lessons in the form of skills such as embroidery, knitting, and the like. ”

Not only present sociopreneur booths, MED 2018 also presents a variety of entertainment that enliven MED activities 2018, such as the appearance of EDC FEB UB, Home band FEB UB, and guest stars antaralain, Sal Priadi, Equinox (MLD jazz project winner Band Competition season 3) ft Windy Hariadi (Winning MLD jazz project Vocalis season 3), and Bayu Priaganda (Winner of Asean guitarist).

MED activities 2018 closed with remarks by representatives of Management majors, Mr. Sigit Pramono, SE., MSc. by announcing the theme of MED next year with the theme of Indonesian Culture Heritage. It is expected that with the announcement of MED theme next year, students of Management majors who take Entrepreneurship Laboratory courses can prepare a business idea that will be well executed and mature.