Pengembangan dan Pembinaan SDM

LPJ Invention, Innovation, and Design Exposition (IIDEX 2019)
15 September 2019
15 September 2019

Pengembangan dan Pembinaan SDM is one of the annual work programs organized by Homeband Faculty of Economics and Business of Brawijaya University. Basically, PPS aims to provide an active band to improve their respective skills by increasing the hours of training in the outside campus studio. In addition, the increasing number of hours of exercise is expected for each active band to create its own creation song and will be launched on the next program. So the PPS must remain annually.

This year, PPS is held at Rumah Music Mendut, located at Jln. Candi Mendut Selatan II No. 14, Tulusrejo, Lowokwaru. PPS lasts for one month, starting from 15 September – 15 October 2019. There are 15 active bands participating to realize the program’s objectives. Within one month, each band uses an additional time of practice at Rumah Music Mendut for 10 hours that can be used at anytime. The duration of the given time has been used with the maximum and no number of hours is not used.