Alternative Theaters of FEB UB Student’s Creation on The Movie of Indie Indonesia

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17 May 2018
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21 May 2018

Four Brawijaya University students who are members of the team initiated an alternative cinema that aims to convey information and promote local cinema. as an exhibition and distribution platform will play indie films by young Indonesian filmmakers who carry many positive moral messages and have not received much attention. These films are certainly no less slick than the films that play in big cinema Indonesia, where the screening of these films will take advantage of public space such as cafes that are enough  in the city of Malang and close to the community.

The low appreciation of the work of independent Indonesian filmmakers is of concern to the team consisting of Zaneta Azzahra Izdihar (FEB), Fadrian Dwiki Maulanda (FEB), Rais Aulia Humam (FEB), and Surya Daren Hafizh (FILKOM). They then bring to participate in UB Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program (PKM-K) Brawijaya University. Zaneta as chairman of the team said “Many cafes that can be utilized to display indie films that Indonesia has, so young people can use time to hang out while watching indie films that actually really good quality and it turns out from Indonesia . ”

Zaneta said that idea has been plan since long, “ is already running in Malang, but it is not big enough.” It is expected that with the presence of, Indonesian indie films will be more uplifted and the community is also more facilitated to get information about Indie films. In addition, Zaneta hopes can re-create the name of Brawijaya Unversity in PIMNAS. For the future, teams will do their best and make more activities for to exist and deliver positive messages to the public through the movies being played.