Sharia Economy Week 7 UMY

Tim FEB UB Raih Juara 3 dalam Ajang Competition of Accounting di STIE Perbanas
27 March 2019
27 March 2019

The Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Islamic Economics and Banking Student Association (HIMEPI UMY) which was formerly called the Student Association of the Department of Islamic Banking Economics (HMJ EPI) held a series of educational events on Islamic economics called the Sharia Economic Festival (FES) for 2 days in April 2012.

Educational events regarding Islamic economics in question such as Islamic economic debates, presentation papers, Islamic economic olympiad, etc. A series of educational events on Islamic economics in the following year were not named FES, but Sharia Economic Week (SEW) and its implementation for a week.

SEW continued in the following years until now. If it is sorted from the beginning of the implementation, the first SEW in 2013, then the implementation of SEW in 2019 is the 7th SEW and named SEW VII.

After learning about the importance of preparing the Islamic financial industry in the face of the Asia Pacific Rebalance 2025, HIMEPI UMY felt the need to hold an educational event called SEW VII with the theme “The Urgency of the Islamic Finance Industry in the Face of the Asia-Pacific Rebalance 2025” held on March 25-27 2019 at the UMY Amphitheater, to socialize all stakeholders and academics regarding realizing the Sharia Financial Industry in the face of the 2025 Asia Pacific Rebalance.

We hope that participants can get a view on the Islamic Financial Industry to prepare for the Asia Pacific Rebalance 2025. what we expect is a relevant view of what the Asia Pacific Rebalance is and how it is manifested in the Islamic financial industry.