SHOPENI 6: Introducing Poetry to All

17 November 2017
Media informasi dan teknologi Syiar
17 November 2017

SHOPENI 6 years is slightly different because it commemorates the literary month. with the theme “Menggali rasa, Lahirkan Sastra”  Tetaer EGO held a national themed event. Beginning with the opening of the national poetry competition that opened in early October to October 29, the ego theater successfully recruit various poems by the children of the nation from various regions.

            Furthermore, the EGO Theater held a Talkshow with the legendary national letters. He is Sosiawan Leak and Denny MIzhar. The talk show, held on Friday, 17th of November, will also discuss how poetry was created based on unrest and personal opinion. Poetry can also be done as a medium to convey Aspiration. In addition, this talk show also presents poetry reading by Faris Naufal, an unfortunate student who is active in the literary world. talkshow held for 3 hours will be moderated by Fitri Ika Pradyasti and held in Basement Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya for public and of course free of charge. We hope that with the Contest and Talkshow this poem can arouse the desire and willingness of the young generation to meghidupu back literature especially poetry.