13 October 2019
Dilema Pajak Ekonomi Digital
14 October 2019

Today, there are many villages and regions that are undertaking various rapid developments. But it is unfortunate that this development did not take place completely, there are still many village developments that are less than the maximum in terms of a more complete economic development, facilities and infrastructure, social, as well as education and human resources. The essence of village development itself is to improve the conditions and standard of living of the people.

One hamlet that needs further development is Pusung Hamlet, Wonorejo Village, Singosari District, Malang Regency. Pusung Hamlet is located at the foot of Mount Arjuna. The geographical conditions that make up the land and difficult access cause development in this village to be quite hampered.

Pusung Hamlet has the potential that can really be processed appropriately and correctly. In terms of plantations, this village has a fairly large land area but the utilization is less effective so that crop yields are not optimal. In addition, Pusung Hamlet is also the cheapest place for Pusung Hamlet residents.

Seeing this condition, we as students who have roles as agents of change and agents of social control are moved to implement our role through Social Activities in Action, where we can contribute directly to the wider community. In the future, this activity is expected to increase the social sensitivity of FEB UB students in particular and society in general.

This year’s Social in Action carries the theme “Moving Serves to Create a Prosperous Society”, by bringing three focus, namely the development of the quality of human resources, the economy, and infrastructure. The 2019 Social Action lasted for 3 days on 11.12, and 13 October 2019 in Pusung Hamlet, Wonorejo Village, Singosari District, Malang Regency.

Friday’s activity began with the committee’s preparations for Pusung Hamlet. After arriving at Pusung Hamlet and holding Friday Prayers, the next activity is physical construction and a reading corner, then proceed with preparatory workshops. Workshop and recitation together with residents of Pusung Hamlet was conducted after Maghrib Prayer, by inviting a speaker named Ustad Sholahudin Al-Fatih, who was a teacher as well as activating da’wah. On the second day, after breakfast, gymnastics will be held together and outbound with the children of Pusung Hamlet. Followed by health education. Then in the evening there will be a senior drama performance. And on the last day, the committee together with residents of Pusung Hamlet held community service.

The big hope for the committee is that this event can run according to what has been done before. Support and cooperation from all parties are expected to make this event a success. Amen