28 December 2018
28 December 2018

Social care is the feeling of being responsible for the difficulties faced by others. Social care is an important value that must be owned by everyone because in truth humans are social beings who can never live alone. Social life and love to help are universal teachings and are encouraged by all religions.

However, doing a social activity is indeed not forced because it depends on the awareness of each individual. The sensitivity to do all of that cannot just grow, it requires a process of training and educating. The role of students as agents of change is very much needed in an effort to invite training in social sensitivity. Through this work program, FEB Social Campaign hopes that there will be a step of change through real action inviting social activities to increase caring for others.

Achieved results

  • Compare SOLIKIN through the social campaign program
  • Sosma Brawijaya Circle 2 times
  • Raising the PALU-DONGGALA Sulawesi disaster fund
  • Already published the results of the PALU-DONGGALA Sulawesi disaster fund
  • Already carried out publications related to social holidays as many as 10 major days on social media
  • Already published educational posts 3 times

Evaluation of Social Campaign activities:

  • Sudden content search and delivery to Medpro is late (not according to SOP)
  • Lack of coordination between PJs (internal social media)
  • Less massive in carrying out social actions
  • The content of the posting is still not neat and has not reached its goal
  • The number of likes and shares in the post is still very minimal
  • Lack of building out relations (community)
  • Lack of discussion regarding social conditions in FEB and its surroundings