STAMPARTY to the Infinity and Beyond

News of FoSSEI XVII National Conference Proposal Activities
21 September 2019
22 September 2019

As one of the autonomous institutions within the scope of the Brawijaya Faculty of Economics and Business Faculty Student Executive, the Economic and Business Dance Club (EDC) participates in every arts and cultural activity held by Untittled Production Indonesia. Competition is an opportunity for EDC to show its existence and ability, also to test the creativity of EDC members. Starting from this desire, the EDC tried to maximally raise the name of the Faculty of Economics and Business to maintain what has been achieved before. On September 21, 2019, EDC Teams of cover genres will take part in a competition called “STIE-ABA Make A Party” at the Solo Grand Mall.

This competition is a national competition participated by all cover dancers in Indonesia from students, student level and general public throughout Indonesia. The competition which was held on September 21, 2019 had no video selection stage. Instead, they came directly to the competition venue and danced the dance that had been prepared after 6 months of the EDC delegation team doing the training. This modern and hiphop genre dance creation was choreographed by each team member and assisted by a coach. This dance reflects cohesiveness, energetic with a lot of  breakdance and tricks that are cool and stunning.

The winner of this competition will be taken by 4 winners. Which consists of champions 1, 2, 3 and favorite champions. The winner’s evaluation comes from the compactness, the concept that was delivered, the attractive costumes, the togetherness and creativity of the movement and the originality of the choreography. In addition, for the favorite competition, an evaluation will be taken from the most instagram likes posted by the committee. In the “STIE-ABA Make a Party” which is specifically intended for modern dances and hiphop, EDC will send a special delegation team for modern hiphop consisting of 8 people. Among them are: Rizki Puji Lestari (Management 2017), Aulia Yuninda Sasmita (Accounting, 2016), Dyah Wahyutri (Economics, 2018), Bait Safira N A (Economics, 2015), Lidya Khamaira Widodo (Accounting, 2017), Dhivenna Leanti (Accounting, 2018), Miranda Pradnya Paramitha (Management, 2017), Niluh Feby Millennia Yustina (Accounting, 2018). We expect the support of the family of students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in order to make the name of the beloved campus of Brawijaya University in this competition.