TFT (Training For Trainer)

TFT (Training For Trainer)
10 November 2019
12 November 2019


TFT (Training For Trainer) is the third training activity organized by one of the Autonomous Institutions in the Student Activity Unit of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya, the Center for Islamic Economic Studies (CIES), which must be followed by all CIES members forprepare the management of CIES in the following year.

TFT activities will be held on Saturday and Sunday, November 9-10, 2019, which will be carried out on campus with the target participants being the CIES 2018 membersThis activity is a continuation of the CIES Training and Training CIES which aims to further mature the development of quality human resources and are committed to carrying out the missionary mandate in the field of Islamic economics.

In this year’s TFT activities using the theme “Islamic Management in Organizations to Face Conflict in the Disruptive Era” which is expected to be able to be a benchmark for the committee and members to achieve success in this event. one of the material presented and discussed is risk management which will hopefully be able to face any problems in the next CIES management. However, there were very few participants in the 2018 CIES class.

To overcome this problem, each CIES member and administrator must work well together.the role and synergy between the daily governing body which includes department heads and department secretaries and members of CIES can be realized through a good approach, because human resources are needed that are reliable, competent, able to implement / AD AD ART, and able to carry out ordersAllah to continue the mandate of Islamic economic propaganda in the following year.