TFT (Training For Trainer)

PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING 2018 Good Speaker for Future Leader
25 November 2018
Public Speaking Training 2018: Good Speaker For Future Leader
25 November 2018

TFT (Training For Trainer) is the third training activity held by one of the Autonomous Institutions in the Student Activity Unit of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya, the Center for Islamic Economic Studies (CIES), which must be followed by all CIES members to prepare for CIES management in next year.

TFT activities were held on Sunday, November 25, 2018 which were held on campus, namely the Baitul ‘Alim Mosque of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya with the target of activity participants, namely CIES members in 2017. This activity is a continuation of Diklat CIES and Training CIES which aims to more finalize the development of qualified and committed human resources in carrying out the mandate of da’wah in the field of Islamic economics.

This year’s TFT activity uses the theme “Create Leader for Islamic Economics Future” which is expected to be able to become the key to success in this event.

In the event, the committee brought in 3 material that explained the history of CIES, the condition of CIES along with the applicable rules, conflict management, and also the technique of preparing Key Performance Indicators (KEI). The invited speakers were two CIES members and two CIES alumni in 2003. When the speaker explained, many staff members who were participants in TFT were enthusiastic to ask. They criticized and asked for the best advice for CIES’s future steps.

Apart from all that, in this event there was still a shortage of participants. This is because of the many agendas that they have to carry out and the time that continues to retreat from TFT’s activities. However, to overcome this problem, the committee kept trying to contact each participant and hoped for their arrival. This was done because CIES needed reliable, competent human resources capable of implementing CIES AD / ART, and was able to carry out Allah’s orders to continue the mandate of Islamic economic da’wah in the following year.