News Event Sending Delegation Futsal Men Team Faculty Of Economic And Bussines Brawijaya University in FE UNJ CHAMPIONSHIP 2019
25 September 2019
26 September 2019

The SEASON event is an event that is packaged in a conducive Islamic atmosphere so that it is expected to be able to increase the love of Islamic culture, intellectuals, and Islamic solidarity and to form a solutive and innovative Robbani Economist. The SEASON event will be held for 2 days with the theme “Sociopreneur for Productive Waqf” with high school and college student level participants from many schools and universities in Indonesia. Competitions are not only designed and carried out by the committee because of a routine, but this is a form of actualization of Islamic values.

The Sharia Economics Smart Olympiad is a series of events from the SEASON, this competition is intended for high school students and undergraduate from all tertiary institutions in Indonesia. And there some other agendas in this event, those are Olympiad for High School Students and Islamic Economic Paper Competition.

Sharia Economics Smart Olympiad series of events held on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 until the day of Thursday, September 26, 2019. On Wednesday held a round of written test questions consisting of multiple choice and intelligent quiz then continued by final round contained by study case. Then on Thursday international seminar was held as well as the announcement of the winner of the competition.

In the 2019 SEASON event, Brawijaya University sent a delegation team from the Faculty of Economics and Business from Islamic Economics Study Program. The team consisted of Muhammad Syauqy Alghifary (NIM 185020507111017), Gio Alpri Naldi (NIM 185020500111034), Dina Nur Syifa (NIM 185020507111015), Naomi Finesha Mauren (NIM 165020500111021), Hasna Mumtaz Nastiti (NIM 185020507111007), dan Yusron Ahmadi (NIM 165020500111011). The expectation of participants in this competition is none other than the name of the Faculty of economics and business of the Brawijaya University. In this Islamic Economic Competition, the delegation team of Brawijaya University won 4th place in Sharia Economics Smart Olympiad series.