Viva Management 2017: “Sunset on Malang”

22 September 2017
26 September 2017

The  diversity of students based on their origins in Faculty of Economic and Business of University of Brawijaya had made them not yet known and unfamilliar with local cultures in Malang

This activity is program from Management Students Association in an effort to welcome new students and introduce them to existing culture in Management Department while also improving the bond with Management Department of Faculty of Economics and Business of Brawijaya University Stakeholders

Therefore, Management Students Association or Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Manajemen (MSA/HMJM) applied for permission and support so the sole purpose of the Viva Management could be achieved,which that is to attach the stakeholders of Management Department Faculty of Economics and Business and to welcome the new members of the family of  Management Students 2017

Viva Management will be conducted on three series of main events,namely : Socialization of Viva Management, Sharing and Hearing ,and Closing Management Festival. The first series,which is Viva Management Socialization will be held in September, the socialization will be held in Management Day event. The second series which will be held on November 11, 2017 is Sharing and Hearing. At this event we also invite the alumni and lecturers to tell about their success stories and the ins and outs that exist in the Department of Management Faculty of Economics and Business. In addition, awards will also be held.The last series,which is Closing Management Festival will be held on November 11, 2017,this series will features performance from each year classes and also from the LO and LSO in the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. The event will be closed with a flight of lanterns.

If you have any questions or would like to take part in this series of activities, please contact Fathurriza Rahman  (082111598052) and Masnun Nadia (085813792100)