6 June 2017
Business Proposal Competition Management Fair 2017
8 June 2017


The name of the competition we participated in was “Global Ideapreneur Week 2017” with the theme “Creating Your Start – up”. The organizers of the Global Ideapreneur Week 2017 event are MAGIC (Malaysian Global Innovative Creativity Centar) and in collaboration with Studec International. The event held at MAGIC Company, more details in Cyberjaya City, Malaysia.

The event is held from 21 April – 24 April 2017. International delegates and participants. For GIW participants themselves consist of students scattered throughout Southeast Asia. This GIW event is held to see the theme raised, starting from the results of the study from STUDEC International itself and MAGIC due to the efforts that realize the idea, Find funds and business experience for the development of business in Cultured Indonesia to Create an Independent Indonesia. The Start – Up race is for the purpose of developing the potential, creativity and innovation of youth in using, building or creating a globally competitive business. Activities undertaken are:

The series of events starts on 21 April 2017 at 07.30 local time. Where at that time all delegates are welcome to our company MAGIC and company introductions. At this time after getting off the public transport the delegates filled in the attendance and also provided Seminar Kit and T-shirt activities. After that in detail Company Start from Internal and External. Until 16:00 then back to hotel masaing – respectively.

Entering the second day is April 22, 2017 participants are invited to breakfast at the hotel. Followed by departure at MAGIC Auditorium to follow Converence. At 08.00 departs from the hotel to the auditorium. The conference is divided into two presenters, the first material is about the current digital conference, the second material is the upcoming Workshop on Social Media, the third workshop on E-Commerce, and the last material is about the Internet of Things Symposium. The speaker of each speaker is Mr. Albert Muir, USA (Marketing of Book Coints). Then go to hotel at 16.00.

Day 3 on April 23, 2017, all delegates presented their ideas starting from 25 participants, then taken 16 best until the announcement of the champion. The time from 08.00 – 16.00 is continued by validating the idea by interviewing with Malaysians how the community accepted our idea or not.

Entering the fourth day of April 24, 2017, All delegates are welcome for breakfast until 08.00 then close the activity and continued Field Trip around kuala lumpur, the KL Tower art market, and so forth. Until 21:00. This kegiata is highly recommended due to the many sciences that exchange many among Asian students.

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