19 March 2015
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19 March 2015


Students are society under the auspices of higher education which acts as the agent of change, an agent of social control, and iron stock which means that students besides bertugaskan studying, they also served as an observer of social issues that are in Indonesia in general and the environment as Specifically, if there are any things that are less good or violate norms and laws, then the student can play their role as agents of change, which is not only the student will require better things, but also participated in giving examples good things so that later, these students can replace leaders who are now being served with a change for the better.

To realize these things, then the student must submit their aspirations that they think it will give goodness for the future and could make the situation more harmonious. However, there are problems that sometimes arise in the students, sometimes they feel shy to express their aspirations, they are not close to the parties to channel the aspirations and existing infrastructure can not make them comfortable to express their aspirations, so aspirations -aspirasi they are just hidden within themselves, so that no one knows about the aspirations they feel and it will create an environment will be in a situation similar circumstances.

Allow students to channel their aspirations comfortably, then the Student Representative Council of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya will seek to facilitate the students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya with the work program proposed by the FEB’s DPM so it can multiply and expand the network aspirations will bring FEB for the better.


  1. Facilitate students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in delivering the aspirations and useful information to better FEB.
  2. Increase in the DPM functionality to accommodate the aspirations of students FEB.
  3. To enhance students’ social sensitivity to social problems that exist in the environment FEB UB in particular and society in general.


FEB voiced


This activity will be carried out on:

  1. Provision of aspiration box
    1. Day and date: During the period of the DPM management FEB 2015
    2. Place: SME floor 2, Basement FEB, Building D and the main building
  2. Aspiration Center
    1. Day: Every Monday (in the active day lectures) during the period of the DPM management FEB 2015
    2. Time: 12:00 s / d 15:00 pm
    3. Place: Basement FEB
  3. White Shirt Aspirations
    1. Day: Monday / Friday
    2. Date: 7 s / d 11 september 2015
    3. Time: 11:00 s / d 16:00
    4. Place: Faculty of Economics and Business


Provision of aspiration box
Will take aspiration box and installed in the main building, building D and E building basement with prior permission during the period DPM FEB 2015.

Aspiration Center
11:30 DPM preparation and equipment
12:00 start vigil in the basement of the building E
16:00 end of the event and clean up.

White T-Shirt Aspirations
10:30 DPM preparation and equipment
12.00 started toward students and a walk in FEB
16:00 end of the event and clean up.

Contact Person:

  1. Gaung Andaka R. P. 082 272 007 001
  2. Qomarudin Jaya Kusuma 0899 3979 138

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