Idul Adha Tour “Sharing to Fellow in the Day of Fitr”

Kuliah Perdana Mahasiswa Baru, FEB UB Tahun Akademik 2015/2016
23 September 2015
25 September 2015

We are required by the religion to do the worship of Qurban which is full of benefit and primary value which can be deduced to the four main factors.First, to worship and closer to God Almighty, which every Moslem at least five times a day and night has made a sincere confession to God; Behold, my pray, my worship, my life and my death is solely to worship to God Almighty. Second, bring and make magnificence sunnah of the Prophet Ibrahimas to life. Which  then it is applied and supported by the Messenger of Allah that becomes one of the main worship for Muhammad SAW followers. Such was the example of a person who was so obedient to the commands of Allah SWT. Very little of the story of obedience to God which is happening at the moment. Most humans havebeen careless on either command or prohibition of God Almighty. Humans are more conformed to lusts of the ignoble and the Devils who are distinctively timeless enemies of man. A stupid man lightly makes their own laws and deny the law of Almighty God who know better about the human.Third, with slaughtering of the animal (qurban) can give joy and gladness to the poor who receive the gift of qurban meats. Fourth, showing a sign of thankfulness for God who has created animals for humans as food.

 “We have indeed bestowed the Kautsar upon you. So, offer the prayers for your Lord and perform the sacrifice.”

”Indeed it is your enemy who is bereft of all goodness” (QS. Al-Kautsar:1-3)

It is the main task of the people of the world to serve God. The perfect devotion can be reached by behaving in accordance with His instructions. Many of us who claim to be Moslem, but not heartedly behavein outlined by Islam.

Maybe we think that living in Islamic rules is simply by running the rituals of worship, such as pray at least 5 times a day and night, running the fast of Ramadan, paying the zakat or going pilgrimage. But we forget the relationship among fellow human being, such as doing good, working on something with a sincere, being a human who can be a model, helping those who get the distress, and so forth. Spiritual goodness must be followed social goodness

Not a few religious texts order the Moslems to love one another and order the Moslems to be wise on others. Among the texts are:

“Two people do not love each other for Allah, it is most dear to his brother, that’s the most loved by God.”

“Someone is not believing that he loves his brother what he loves for himself

Reviewed from the point of education, worship of qurban is training and forming the characteristic of Moslems in order to be always willing to sacrifice, by sacrificing some divine favors which are granted for the benefit of mankind who needs it. With this spirit the Moslems will also be able to increase devotion to God and those who believe will be also always ready and alert to cope with various difficulties in their life or struggles.

Hopefully the implementation of IedQurbancanmake closer to God Almighty as well as a moment to raise and help our brothers and sisters in need, so that we become the people who benefit to others as the oracles of the Prophet that the best human is the most beneficial to another. May Allah SWT always bestow His guidance and mercy to all of us in doing all activities in this life.


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