EBBraU 3rd Winner in the ARTEFAC UNS 2018 Basketball Competition

Move On Project, BAND FEB UB Students Win 1st Place in ARTEFAC UNS, National Band Category
25 March 2018
Beasiswa Unggulan Masyarakat Berprestasi
26 March 2018

The achievement of EBBraU FEB UB basketball team is undoubtedly. This time the women’s basketball team re-incised achievement by reaching the 3rd place in ARTEFAC UNS 2018 (Art and Sport Appreciation by Economic and Business Faculty of UNS). The basketball competition between the Faculty of Economics in Indonesia lasted from March 15 to March 23, 2018 at GOR UNS Surakarta.

This year is the third year of EBBraU basketball team participated in ARTEFAC UNS. A total of 2 teams consisting of EBBraU’s best men’s and women’s teams were sent to bring the name of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. Preparation for this competition has been done EBBraU since early February 2018 together with the preparation to follow the FBL (Faculty Basketball League) 2018 yesterday. “As the FBL final coincides with the start of ARTEFAC UNS, the FBL final runs straight to Surakarta to focus on ARETEFAC UNS.” Like Octaviani (Management, 2015), who is also one of EBBraU’s women’s basketball team players.

Indah Kusuma (Uma) as chairman of EBBraU 2018 said “The performance is very good considering the condition of the players who are still tired because H-1 went to Surakarta they are still playing in FBL 2018 final”. Density of the race schedule did not dampen the spirit of EBBraU basketball team to achieve the top 3 in the national level competition. “Alhamdulillah can be champion 3. Although the new fatigue until Surakarta directly play every day without pause. But EBBraU can still be enthusiastic to get the title of 3rd national level. “Add Like.

EBBraU’s achievement line does not make them satisfied, it is a way for them to maintain and achieve better results in the next competitions. “The hope for the upcoming race can be better prepared both the health conditions of players and training so that it can get more leverage and get the champion.” said Uma.

Bunga Nadira
Bunga Nadira
Belajar di Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Universitas Brawijaya.