ISLAMIC CHILDREN FESTIVAL (ICF) “Million Dreams of Children Country to Indonesia Better”

Pelaksanaan Wisuda Periode X Tahun Akademik 2015/2016
22 April 2016
Be Smart 2016: “Smart with Igos”
26 April 2016

The children world are a world where they start learned to know, know and do what they see, in accordance with imagination that they have. Not wrong if the children world often seen as a world full of imagination and creativity. Knowing them it is not difficult, just watching what they do what they want so we can actually grow and develop power creativity, the ability to imagine, the distribution of emotion and the formation of unmannerly social good and do a noble in relation to others and their surroundings. Indeed childhood is phase with the clean, childhood still innocent, plainness so clear, tenderness and flexibility body, hearts that are still not yet dirt, and of the soul are still not contaminated. And for that Islamic Studies and Environmental Forum would like to create Islamic Children Festival (ICF)  as a place to grow and develop children creativity and motivate to produce a masterwork and reach achievemen and can make muslim chidren be more worth for this country in the future.

Theme Activities

 “Million Dreams of Children Country to Indonesia Better”.

Purpose and Objectives

ISLAMIC CHILDREN FESTIVAL (ICF) intended to all of components socety in East Java, included government, civil, family and parents together bring into reality chidren prosperity with respect the rights of the children. And give insurance to not do the discrimination. Directly also to increase consciousness that children are the future generation to achieve dreams of country in order that chidren must given a faith, personality, shrewdness, skill, and soul of islamic spirit in order to grow and develop be a man has a good attitude, bright and faith to Allah SWT.

Implementation of activities

ISLAMIC CHILDREN FESTIVAL (ICF) will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2016 until Sunday,  Mei 15, 2016 on Economic and Business Faculty, Brawijaya University.

Contact Person

  1. Ibrahim (082132326655)
  2. Desy             (085731328048)
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