Islamic Children’s Character Building (ICCB)

10 December 2015
(Indonesia) Debat Terbuka Pemilwa FEB UB
11 December 2015

Education is an important sector in the development of a more moral and modern. Education is not going to fade, even education will grow along with the times. Education as the breath of life to give life to not blind to the times. As the purpose of education is to humanize humans are good, responsible and immoral, then efforts should be made in order to achieve these objectives include a religious approach.

Islamic religion itself upholds affection, because Islam is a religion of love. If the views of its meaning alone, Islam has been an element of affection. Islam is masdhar of aslama-yuslimu have a sense of safety. In the Qur’an and Sunnah also mentioned a lot of affection. This proves that the love has an important role in Islam and is the recommended to be carried out, especially in the process of educating children. With a lot of love is also the children will be more receptive when we inculcate Islamic values ​​as the basis for the formation of kepribadiaannya. Given the children would be more sensitive to people who are in the sense of genuine affection.

In addition, the establishment of independent child character that is entrepreneurial, manners, morals commendable, bold, and has a great passion to rebuild the country and religion should be established early with planting base value of science and IMTAQ. Unfortunately, the condition of Indonesian society today to realize that all that the majority of the middle class people to the middle class is not prioritized as such, because that as a form of participation of our (students) as an agent of change, the Department of Social Community (SOSMA) Forstilling FEB , intends to carry out a training program of character development of younger siblings upbringing under the auspices of the Department of Community Social (SOSMA) during this and studios around the unfortunate highway with the theme “Enhancing intelligence and maturity of Indonesian Children based IMTAQ amid Secularism and Demands of Globalization. “With this program are expected to be more easily tersampaikannya guidance character of the child during this year and the basic Islamic education of younger siblings custody without reducing their natural tendency to play and learn. So Inshallah later born generation who have the intellectual and emotional intelligence based on Islamic values.


“Improving Children’s Intelligence and Maturity-Based IMTAQ Indonesia amid Secularism and Demands of Globalization.”

ICCB activity was conducted as many as 15 meetings during the year as follows:

  1. Opening of ICCB on February 28, 2015
  2. Recurring event ICCB on
  • March 28 with the theme creed “Faith in God”
  • April 11 with the theme of Morals “Adab In Both Parents
  • April 25 with the theme Sirah “The Prophet”
  • May 28 with the theme creed “Islam”
  • June 6 with the theme of Worship “Fasting”
  • September 19 with the theme of Morals “Rights of Muslims”
  • October 24 with the theme of Morals “Adab In Friend or Neighbor”
  • October 31, with the theme of Worship “Ablution”
  • November 14 with the theme of Worship “Prayer”

Closure of ICCB on December 5, 2015


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