Leader On Economic “Movement pioneer Devotion”

Accounting Writing Competition 9th Hasanuddin Accounting Days
24 March 2016
24 March 2016

Activity Leader In Economic aims to provide elementary stock of how it should be members of the organization should act and character because the organization Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business in 2016 we are stewards who must serve all of the students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya is thus expected with the material presented in this activity were able to build good character in organization and increasing knowledge mengenani member organization is followed so as to improve the quality of the performance of members and understanding of the function and purpose of the organization for the next period.

The general objective to be achieved through these activities is to increase the participation of students, especially members of the BEM in developing a personal mandate to carry out his duties in a container so that the image of the institution or organization BEM FEB forward is expected to increase.

The specific objectives to be achieved through this activity are:

  1. Provides an understanding of everything about the BEM BEM FEB.
  2. Cultivating professional work attitude.
  3. Establish BEM FEB personally responsible, committed, and have a high leadership.
  4. Increase the motivation and morale of BEM FEB.
  5. Meet the needs of the board and the organization.
  6. Improving and developing the potential of members of the BEM.
  7. Inculcate solidity and loyalty to the BEM FEB.
  8. Embedding tradition of critical thinking and balanced in the organization.
  9. Improve the management in organizational skills.
  10. Increase the sense of fraternity and cooperation among members of the BEM.
  11. Increase the sense of belonging to the board of BEM-FEB

This activity will be held on:

Place: A3 Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya

Time: Saturday – Sunday, 26-27 March 2016

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