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5 April 2018
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5 April 2018

Education is the right of all human beings. In these develop era that continues to grow, or including the current era of globalization, education is one of the main aspects to support the progress of the country. For that education who can create human resources that could compete in the country or other country outside from Indonesia.

The reality of education in Indonesia is said to be uneven, only some people able to pursue higher education and decent. As for the underprivileged, they can go through formal education like no other. However, they do not get the same facilities or more precisely the completeness. This is all due to the high cost of education in Indonesia. Therefore, the role of students as agents of change plays an important role in the improvement of business education in Indonesia Indonesia in order to realize intelligent child without cost constraints.

Department of Social Society and Environment BEM FEB UB examines and sees the reality that exists and tries to help by conducting routine Kakak Adik Asuh (Kadiksuh). As we realize that will be run by the Department of  Social Society and the Environment during the stewardship of the Student Executive Board 2018. The guidance we bring in this activity is to help children who have limit to the education, as well as provide knowledge and values everyday to children who can not afford. As well as a form of social sensitivity that must be owned by every student. The form of activities of Kakak Adik Asuh (Kadiksuh) 2018 are:

  1. Academic Teaching Activities
  2. Non-Academic Teaching Activities include character development and valuable artwork
  3. Educational Games
  4. Refreshing

As we expected that with this activity, the Department of Social Society and Environment BEM FEB UB can be a mobilizer to actively participate in the completion of the promise of independence, which is the intellectual life of the nation. Thus, we can know the potential that they have and we can help them by channeling capabilities. We also hope that later those who we have given a little extra knowledge we have can be useful for themselves, others, and the nation of Indonesia. The objectives of this activity:

  1. Sharing knowledge with children who can not afford.
  2. As a form of social sensitivity that must be owned by every student.
  3. Provide a positive impact for children in need, or for students themselves.

This activity is carried out on:

Place: Sanggar Tunas Bangsa, Sukun, Malang

Date: March 16, 2018 – November 25, 2018, every Friday

Time: 15.00 WIB s / d 18.00 WIB

Participants of this activity is that all students of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya can increase the sensitivity of social taste of society within the Internal Faculty of Economics and Business as well as in the outside community.

Contact Name / Address

Azmi Muhammad Sidqi / Economics 2016/165020501111030

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