Management Edutainment 2017: “Self Enforcing And Enriching Live by Social Entreprenurship”

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5 July 2017
Training Organization
7 July 2017

Sociopreneur means the entrepreneur who runs his business is not thinking about personal gain it alone, but also thinking about building and developing his community to be more empowered. Success or failure in achieving business goals depends not only on the expertise of entrepreneurs in marketing, production, finance or other fields but also its success in empowering the surrounding community.

With regard to the importance of sociopreneur for a country, the problems faced and students as one of the problems of international trade solver is then HMJM, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya held a event is Management Edutainment 2017 the National Debate competition which has the theme “Self Enforcing And Enriching Live By sociopreneurship “. Where, one of the goals of this activity is that students can be more critical thinking and become a driver of change in order to improve the nation’s economy.

Management Edutainment in the form of competition in a group debate using the Asian Parliementary system. This competition is a nationwide student debate competition with participants from undergraduate university students in Indonesia who are interested in topics or economic issues related to the theme of the debate. In addition to debate activities, this year the Management Edutainment committee also held a seminar on “Sociopreneur”. Then, for entertainment activities this year there is a series of Gala Dinner and City Sightseeing are offered for participants debate so that the enthusiasm of participants to the activities are still awake in undergoing a series of activities.

Management Edutainment activities consist of three series, activities I on Friday November 3, 2017 will be held Technical Meeting and Gala Dinner, Series activities II on Saturday November 4, 2017 will be held a debate, and Series activities III on Sunday 5 November 2017 will be held Seminars, semifinal and final round debates, and City Sightseeing. To follow this series of activities deeper can contact Fergie Fortuna Shabilla (082257457447) and El Eden Marthinus (089633066303).

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