5 May 2017
Jadwal UAS Semester Genap 2016/2017 Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya
9 May 2017

Organization Training is one of the work program of Association Accounting Students Department (HMJA) Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Brawijaya University (UB). Organization Training is a preliminary work program to start the new period of work. This event serves to organize organizational training to all administrators in order to be expected to create HMJA FEB UB officials who are qualified and professional. Organization Training is an annual proker that is held every year. The committee’s rank comes from internal management of HMJA FEB UB

Organization Training was held through 3 series: Working Deliberation which was held on March 12, 2017 on campus, Organization Training Indoor held on March 19, 2017 at campus and Organization Outdoor Training held at Villa Batu. Working Deliberation is a joint forum by HMJA FEB UB management to discuss each other about work program that will be implemented together. Working conferences will be held for two times, ie at the beginning of the period and at the end of the period.

While Organization Training Indoor is an organizational training that is filled by the delivery of material about organizational and filled by some educational games to remind the solidarity between the board of HMJA FEB UB. After that, there is Organization Outdoor Training which is also an organizational training which contains several group games to increase cohesiveness and there is informal discussion of HMJA FEB UB executives held in off campus area at Villa Batu. For mobility to Batu, the administrators use their own vehicles. And for lodging and consumption expenses borne by the committee through dues.

Organization Training HMJA 2017 performed well and smoothly because no barriers during the series of events took place and the absence of unpleasant things happen. Expected with the implementation of this Organization Training, hopefully able to create a HMJA FEB UB board qualified and professional. And able to facilitate well to all students S1 Accounting. And hopefully able to improve HMJA FEB UB better in the future.

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