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14 December 2017
Accountability and Re-Organization Report KMK
19 December 2017

The theme for Christmas celebration of KMK Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya this year is ”Birth is the Beginning of Sacrifice” as the symbol of Jesus’ birth to the world.

The celebration will be held on Monday, 25 December 2017 at Komisi Kepemudaan, Jalan Mayjen Panjaitan no. 2B, Malang. The spirit to welcome Christmas from all participants triggers the celebration to hopefully be as merry as possible. Not only the members of KMK FEB UB, alumnae are also invited to come to and brighten up the celebration. It will start sharply at 4 pm with a warm opening from the MC and prayer, opening speech from the chief executive of the celebration as well as from the faculty coordinator, followed by the ice breaking games like blowing up balloons with straws. The committees will also conduct a video screening of “What is Christmas?” and a discussion on “Harmony of Christmas” afterward. From there, it can hopefully send a message that Christmas is not only about an event where Jesus Christ was born to the world but also about God sacrifices His only child to save us from sins so we, as His children, may return the favor by sacrificing ourselves to praise and worship also follow His lead.

It will be followed by performances from the committees, another ice breaking games and dinner, and talent show by KMK batch 15 and 16. The celebration will end as the committees start to distribute souvenirs and participants are allowed to go directly to the prepared photo booth.

With this flow of event, it goes along with the hope that it may maintain the communication, create a sense of family, love and self-awareness between Catholic colleagues of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya, and may develop the talents and creativity of the committees as they are all new to the family.


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