Rise of Indonesian Enterpreneur Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Ilmu Ekonomi

CHARTY EVENT 2015 Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Akuntansi
6 November 2015
(Indonesia) Auditing Update Series II 2015: Menelaah Lebih Dalam tentang Audit Planning dan Risk Assesment
10 November 2015

Indonesia is the country with the largest population in Southeast Asia, based on 2010 census population of Indonesia has a population of 237 641 326 million while making Indonesia the country with the 4th largest population in the world. With a population of that size, the Indonesian economy can not be classified into a developed country because of the Gross Domestic Product per capita of Indonesia ranks only 115 to $ 1,925 per capita figures and the number of poor people in Indonesia who reached 12:03% or approximately 28,594,175
million soul.

To overcome poverty government’s role is very important as well as the community must come into play to mengatasai poverty by opening jobs for others or can be called an entrepreneur. Based on existing data, the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is still relatively low because it only reached 1.6% or approximately 3,802,261 million inhabitants, while ideally a country is when the number wirausahawannya reached 2% of the total population, the role of the entrepreneur himself is helping to promote the welfare of a country, because by
having the skills to manage and regulate the production effort.

E-Journey 2015 diranncang by combining learning activities and excursions. Said to be learning because it is expected from this activity participants gained sciences in entrepreneurship. With the participants tours also
can be refreshing and relaxing but still get something useful from the earlier lesson. Activity E-2015 Journey form of visits to institutions and companies. By visiting the institution the participants are expected to know about the
development of industries and businesses in Indonesia. With a visit to the company, the participants can know what efforts can be developed even created so as to create jobs in Indonesia. Thus, it is expected that participants get a passion for entrepreneurship.

The theme of this event is ” Rise of Indonesian Entrepreneur . ”

This activity will be held on :
Days : Monday to Friday
Date : November 9, 2015 s.d 13 November 2015

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