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1 August 2017
Dampak Nilai Tukar dan Risk-Based Rating Terhadap Prediksi Kondisi Perbankan Indonesia
2 August 2017

We know, that Indonesia is the developing countries that require the development of good in the field of infrastructure, economy, education and social. The development would need the time, and through a process that a gradual. One important step in the country’s development is through the scope of the most basic of this village. By building the village, showed that the equity in all walks of life regardless of the social strata.

There’s a lot of villages and areas that do a variety of development. However, it is very unfortunate, to be held equally, there is still the construction of a village less than the maximum in terms of the environment, mainly includes economic development, facilities and infrastructure, social, education and human resources. What defines the construction of village aimed at improving the conditions and standard of living of the public. Besides the hope, development and the results can be enjoyed by the whole community and economic growth is quite high, as well as the achievement of the stability of the security of a healthy and dynamic.

One of the hamlet left in the construction of more is of the Pusung, Wonorejo, of the Pusung is located in the foot of Mt Arjuna. The geographical condition in the form of the mountains and access to the hard way, causing development in the village is inhibited. of the Pusung actually has the potential for good if it can be processed appropriately and correctly. In terms of the plantation, this village with a land that is wide enough, however, in the utilization of the less effective, so the plant was not optimal.

Seeing the conditions that look like this, and we as students who have a role as agents of change and agent of social control are moved to implement our role is through the Social in Action, where we can contribute directly to the public. These activities in the future is expected to improve the social sensitivity of the students and the society there is general.

The “SOCIAL IN ACTION 2017.” themed “Aksi Mengabdi sebagai Dedikasi untuk Negeri”. To ensure the success of this activity, we established it in some form of activities such as production, Development Insfratruktur, education, and health, and will be held Bazaar and the Party People. Social In Action 2017 will be held on 10-12 November 2017 with the citizens of the Pusung as participants. The same delivery of this activity we, so that it can be used as it should. I hope this event can go as planned earlier. The support and cooperation of all parties is expected that this event running successfully.

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