Sounds of Economics 2019

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11 April 2019
12 April 2019

Sound of Economics was finally held at Basement of Faculty of Economics and Bussiness, Brawijaya University on April 2019. This is an event where all members of Homeband Faculty of Economics and Bussiness gathered during breaktime, they made this event successly held. Also, many students of this faculty watched during our performances, because where this event taken place is where many studetns usually gather and hanging out for meetings or doing their tasks.

Sounds of economics 2019 will present more than fifteen band to light up the stage. This event will be held for a month on weekdays. There will be lot of fun things from this event. Such as ” guess the song title” game. so the audience will not get bored and will enrich listener’s playlist. For the ugly basement will turn into lit crowded place.

All bands performed songs so audience sang together at Basement of Economics and Business Faculty, Brawijaya University. This event was important to be continued because this event made all students of Economics and Business Faculty entertained, so they could be often to go to Basement to have small talk with friends, to do task together, also to relieve fatigue momentarily. Performances from each band on SOE 2019 had their own characteristics,so there were many students of Economics and Business Faculty who were at Basement at that time, felt entertained, so doing task or other activities while enjoying the performances can make the audience high-spirited.

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