Straighten intention, Squeeze Front, Bring Demi Purpose Da'wa Islamic Economic Future

(Indonesia) Delegasi FEB UB Raih Runner-up pada Ajang Iqtishohuduna Unair 2015
5 October 2015
(Indonesia) Dirjen Perbendaharaan Miliki Peran Penting dalam Kemajuan Indonesia
6 October 2015

Islamic economic development is so rapid in Indonesia must also be followed by the development of human resources competent and understanding of the concepts and rules of Shariah law on Islamic economic system that made the Indonesian people can run an economy based on Islamic rules that benefit all parties. For that we need the economic dissemination of Islam in public life, it is necessary to strengthen the economy of Islam in public life. In order for the delivery of propaganda-propaganda on target, we need cadres that can ground the Islamic economy in communities, especially communities of UB as the successor to the Prophet struggle in order Tabliq (delivery).

Purpose and objectives

  1. To socialize the concept of Islamic economics at UB student environment Univeritas especially students of UB Faculty of Economics
  2. Creating alternative ways of thinking about the economy in Indonesia to the students that the Islamic economy that is based on the Qur’an and Al Hadith.
  3. Creating a cadre of fighters of Islamic economics in the Faculty of Economics, University of Brawijaya.

Grounding Islamic economics among the students of UB.

Implementation of Activities
Training CIES
Implementation: October 2, 2015
Time: 13:30 to 16:30 pm
Place: A.3


1. Rizky Arifandi
2. Abdul Jabbar Jawwadurrahman
– Speakers 1 discusses all CIESan
– Speakers 2 discusses the managerial organization

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