Study Tour HMJAk University of Mataram to HMJA FEB UB

Students of SMA Negeri 5 Madiun Visit Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya
5 April 2018
Bulletin of Economics Student (BEST)
9 April 2018

Malang – “AKUNTANSI! SATU! “Is the jargon of Accounting Department FEB UB and is pronounced when welcoming the Student Association of Accounting Department from Mataram University who replied with their jargon” AKUNTANSI MANTAP! FEB JAYA! ”
This study tour is the second time from HMJAk Universitas Mataram to HMJA Universitas Brawijaya and is the first study tour conducted by HMJAk in this period. This study tour begins with a speech by each Chairman of the Association and continued with the explanation of the division and the existing ranks and interspersed with question and answer.
This is done to tighten the bond and also as a medium for discussion for the two sets in order to exchange ideas in order to support the performance of each set.
“How to maximize the existing facilities to facilitate students Accounting Department is the biggest challenge for HMJA FEB UB”, said Hafizh as Kahim HMJA FEB UB. Therefore, evaluation is always held when ending each event to avoid the same error for the second time in the next event.
After the question and answer session, the event was closed with the handover of vandel and also the photo together in front of Main Building. “We hope we can meet again in the next opportunity and hope the Accounting Students Association is more successful than ever. And of course, HMJA FEB UB awaited in Lombok! “, He concluded.